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PRO-1 NANOSolutions was founded by two young dedicated and passionate scientists in the year 2016, with an objective of making nanotechnologies accessible to everyone and solving global issues like pollution, water purification, targeted drug therapy, and energy crisis. Our team consists of Professors, scientists and even students with over two decades of R&D in the field of nanotechnologies and quite a few Patent rights to our credit.

We also design customized solutions based on the individual needs. Our products include metal nanoparticles such as Silver (Ag) and Cobalt (Co) and their nanocomposites. Soon we will be providing Copper (Cu) metal nanoparticles. Moreover, we are the only ones on the market able to produce surfactant free air-stable Co-metal nanoparticles with sizes as small 5 nm possessing super-paramagnetic properties.

Other than metal nanoparticles we also provide consulting services in the implementation of these nanoparticles in specific applications. If required, PRO-1 NANOSolutions can actively participate in the conceptualization of the prototype models aimed at certain applications of these nanoparticles.

Our nanoparticles can be applied to water purification as they successfully remove heavy metals. Other applications include targeted drug delivery with superparamagnetic Co nanoparticles. Further applications include, Fischer-Torp and reforming in catalysis. Fundamental research can also be carried out with them. Ag nanoparticles present active anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties where applications include wound dressing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal paints for hospitals and green housing. More information on the products are available on the individual product pages

Our Vision:

Nanotechnologies are the future

Our vision is to make nanotechnologies, economical, effective and accessible to the common man for a healthier tomorrow.

Our Mission:

Taking nanotechnologies out of the labs and putting it to use for the common good.

Over a decade of our teams relentless efforts on R&D have paid off and we are ready to introduce our innovations which we are sure will make a difference to everyone on this planet. Our endeavor is to keep innovating and to provide unique, effective, reliable and economical products and services for the benefit of people at large.

Our team is happy to build customized solutions for your specific needs. We welcome experts and scientists to collaborate with us and work towards our core objective i.e. to make nanotechnologies available to the common man.

Our values:

We value all our partners who collaborate with us, be it our team members, the experts, scientists, the clients and the end users who enable us to achieve our goals in making nanotechnologies available to the common man. We set high standards for ourselves to deliver reliable, accurate and prompt services. We believe the key to our success is collaboration and clear communication.

Our products

Our products have been tried and tested for certain applications listed here. Other applications are also possible and you can contact us for discussing any other possible application you have in mind. We would be happy to share our thoughts and experience with our future clients.

Water remediation:

Co Nanoparticles

Ag Nanoparticles

Co-Ag nanocomposite

Co-Cu nanocomposite

Targeted drug delivery and nanomedicine

Co Nanoparticles

Catalysis and reforming*

Co Nanoparticles

Ni nanoparticles

*Metal nanoparticles loaded into porous supports including CNT, alumina, graphene supports which can also be decorated with metal nanoparticles on their surfaces.

For anti-microbial applications (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial) in creams, wound dressing and paints

Ag Nanoparticles

Co Nanoparticles

"Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities”

Co metal nanoparticles

5 nm and 20 nm sized Co metal nanoparticles. Why us?

PRO-1 NANOSolutions’s unique air-stable, surfactant-free cobalt metal nanoparticles are the only ones available on the market. These Co nanoparticles are dispatched as dried powders. Each individual Co nanoparticle’s stability is ensured by the monolayer of oxide coating on their surfaces which turns them into non-pyrophoric and ultra-stable in air. Moreover, the nanoparticles possess high purity with less than 0.9 weight% of carbon. Check our services section for further applications and collaborations.

These nanoparticles exhibit superparamagnetic properties

watch the video.

Other Remarks:

Sensitive to Ultra-Sound and may cause aggregation. Can be provided in solution or dry powder.

10 nm and 30 nm sized Ag nanoparticles. Why us?

PRO-1 NANOSolutions’s air-stable, surfactant-free Ag metal nanoparticles are dispatched as dried powders. Their surfaces are metallic and are not covered with any surfactant and are therefore ready to be employed on arrival. Moreover, the nanoparticles are extremely pure with less than 0.1 weight% of carbon. Check our services section for further applications and collaborations.

Ag nanoparticles 10 nm diameter
Other remarks:
  • Sensitive to ultra-sound
  • Can be dispatched in a solution if required

XRD pattern of Ag nanoparticles showing metallic silver cubic structure

Other remarks:
  • Sensitive to ultra-sound
  • Can be dispatched in solution if required

XRD pattern of Ag nanoparticles showing metallic silver cubic structure

XPS survey performed on pure silver nanoparticles and no oxide has been detected.

TGA analysis shows no weight loss up to 800°C. > 99.9% pure silver with < 1%weight carbon content

XPS survey performed on pure silver nanoparticles and no oxide has been detected.

TGA analysis shows no weight loss up to 800°C. > 99.9% pure silver with < 1%weight carbon content
Magnetic Nanocomposites

Co-Cu nanocomposite. Co core made of nanopaticles (5nm) surrounded by Cu nanoparticles

Co-Ag nanocomposite. Co core made of Co nanopartices (5 nm) surrounded by Ag nanoparticles
Metal nanoparticles in-situ synthesized and embedded in porous supports

Ag nanoparticles decorating alumina nanofibers

Co nanoparticles decorating alumina nanofibers

Co nanoparticles loaded into CNT

Ni loaded into inorganic porous support

Ag nanoparticles loaded into CNT

Services: Talk to us

We propose the following services with our nanoparticles. If you think we can help with another application that involves our nanoparticles please do let us know, we will be happy to collaborate.

1) Water purification tests.
We have demonstrated that it is possible to extract heavy metals from water using our nanoparticles. In the real world, even after routine filtering and cleaning heavy metals usually remain in the water. We provide a simple and economical method to clean water at the last stage of purification to remove heavy metals. Send us a sample of your water to be purified, tell us the composition and the specific heavy metals you would like to remove. We will test our nanoparticles on your water and propose to you the best nanoparticles for the job.

2) Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
Are you interested in making anti-bacterial and anti-fungal creams, clothes, wound dressings or paints? Talk to us about the types of microbes that you would like to eliminate. After discussion, we will suggest the possibilities to integrate our nanoparticles in your product. Our functional and versatile nanoparticles are applicable to your products.

3) Catalysis and reforming
Are you in the field of catalysis and reforming? Our cobalt nanoparticles have proven to be efficient catalysts and highly resistant to oxidation. For our catalysis clients we also have other options. We are able to load all our nanoparticles into porous and nanoporous supports. Please check the product page for examples. Do you have a porous support that you would like to load? Contact us. We can also load your supports with Pt nanoparticles.

Some examples of loading:

1) ϒ-alumina loaded Co

2) Carbon nanotubes decorated and loaded with Ag

3) ϒ-alumina loaded Ni

4) Carbon Nanotubes loaded with Co

Ag, Co and our metallic composites are unique on the market and can be applied but are not limited to the following applications

Applications of Silver nanoparticles
  • Biomedical applications: Our Silver nanoparticles are efficient anti-microbial agents and can be easily incorporated into consumer goods like creams and sprays. Green housing also is an option as they can also be mixed with straw bales to ensure anti-fungal free interiors. Decoration of clothes and wound dressing material with these stable silver nanoparticles can also be carried out.
  • Optoelectronics: Plasmonic resonance of these nanoparticles are sought after in optoelectronic applications. The antenna effect produced by these nanoparticles also works in increasing the absorption cross section of the photovoltaic material.
  • Printable electronics: Pastes and adhesives used in the electronic industry can make use of these pure silver nanoparticles. Flexible electronics where silver nanoparticles are used as inks can be sintered to very high temperatures in ambient air as they do not oxidize nor deteriorate up to 800ºC.
Applications of Co nanoparticles
  • Biomedical applications: Being superparamagnetic enables them to be used for targeted drug delivery for the treatment of tumor using a magnetic field. In addition they have been successfully tested in being toxic to cancer cells on their own. Coating them with organic is also possible depending on the application.
  • Water purification: our nanocomposites have been successful in capturing heavy metals such as Pb from water and is therefore very suitable for heavy metal removal from polluted water.
  • Superparamagnetism: Co nanoparticles are superparamagnetic and can be combined with any material as they retain their superparamagnetism. Watch the video of Co nanoparticles decorating graphene. Other applications are possible like Ferrofluids, Magnetic storage, Magnetic inks, Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging application, Electromagnetic-wave absorption or shielding, among others. They can be safely handled under air which makes them very versatile.

Water Purification

Sand based nanocomposite that extracts heavy metals and radioactive elements from water- Patented!

  • 99% sand

  • 1% nanomaterial

  • Recyclable

  • No loss in minerals (Ca, Mg, K)

  • No water wastage

  • No electricity required

Filter composition :

Sponge (anti-backsplash)

Sand based nanocomposite (active material)

Activated carbon

List of heavy metals removed (not exhaustive)*: Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu, Pb, W, Ta, U, Ti, V, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Sr, Au, Pt, Al, Ag, Sn.

Organics eliminates (not exhaustive)**: sulphates, nitrates and aromatics

The filters’ anti-microbial character prevents fouling and is capable of eliminating microbes after filtering

* Others under testing

** Also capable of degrading pharmaceuticals since it is metal based

  • Globally barely 2.5% water on earth is fit to use 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water.

  • Even developed countries are seeing a steady decline.

  • Governments have become more conscious about biological and chemical pollution damaging the eco-system.

  • The United Nations (UN) reports that for every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there are around $8 gained through averted costs (for healthcare, illness etc.) and increased productivity.

watch, Nanoparticle based heavy metal water filter movie

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